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Great River Country Village is well lighted for security and safety; it is centrally located in Lee County, Iowa adjacent to the Mississippi River.  The community includes 60 family unit rental lots. 

At Great River Country Village, we know that a strong feeling of community spirit is something that will establish our position as a preferential housing choice

We care about preserving a strong sense of community. We honor and respect our residents and our mission is to "add value" to the park and in turn, value to the individual homes within the community. Many upgrades and improvements are now underway.

We have committed to a course of continual upgrades. Since acquiring the park in 2007, older mobile homes have been purchased so they could be removed from the park and make space for newer manufactured homes.  The others are or have been completely remodeled for sale.

Interested in buying a used manufactured home? Get in on the ground floor and choose yours now out of the available remodeled homes. Why rent when you can own your dream home for what you pay for rent? Enjoy the benefits of home ownership

Let Great River Country Village be the center of your world!